tirsdag den 3. september 2013

Force Internet Explorer compatibility mode off

The Internet Explorer compatibility-mode is a rendering mode to suit older web-pages, typically below and including IE8. They're usually associated with Intranet-sites, in which legacy components often abounds.

To a web-developer it can be hugely frustrating - I know for me it certainly is - to develop that which beyond your control renders horribly in an otherwise 'healthy' IE browser.

The fix - apart from using a different browser, not always a suitable solution - is to include the following meta-tag in the page header section.

< meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1" >

The above MUST be the very first meta-tag included within the header section, or you risk the chance of it not working to your satisfaction. As you include it, and browse to the web page with compatibility mode turned on, the tag will force your IE to load the page with the rendering engine pertaining to the browser itself, and not some legacy rendering instead.


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