onsdag den 8. maj 2013

Kinect Painting demo - simple setup

I went looking for a simple Kinect demo in which the user's right hand would be tracked and used as a paint-brush. I found some example projects here and there, but they were either rather elaborate with a bunch of functionality not required for a simple demo, or using third-party dll's.

So I put together my own simple thing, which I'm making available for download here.

I must confess to being not particularly impressed with the Kinect itself. The premise of the device is extraordinary, and it does function as the product description promises, but I found it slow in updating. It cannot in its present version be used as a "live" paint-application, as there will be a too noticable delay in its registrering skeleton movement. The LeapMotion device promises more and is probably the way to go for this, until a better, faster Kinect version arrives.

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